Poker Tournament Types and Betting Formats

The advent of poker tournaments in both online and offline venues are gaining the latest trend in poker gambling. This is due to the fact that playing in poker tournaments provides the potential of playing an interesting and exciting means of poker gaming.

To join a poker tournament the players are always required to make a buy in. This is the amount that is used for buying the quantity of chips that will be used for playing the poker tournament.

The prize pool of the poker tournament is typically taken from the buy in generated from the tournament entry unless the tournament is under a sponsorship often called as a free roll tournament which does not involve any buy in from the players. The prizes that are awarded to the free roll tournament winners are taken from the tournament sponsors.

A multi-table poker tournament type is played simultaneously with several participating poker players seated on several poker tables. As each player is eliminated from the game, the numbers of tables are reduced and the players are evenly distributed on each remaining table until a single table is left with few players to compete against each other.

Satellite tournament types are high profiled tournaments that do not post cash prizes to be won but instead offer the player a chance to win a free entry to exclusive, expensive and prestigious poker tournaments with huge prizes to be won. The buy in involved with satellite tournaments are relatively smaller compared to other poker tournaments.

Single table tournament is a tournament type often referred to as a sit and go tournament since a poker game starts immediately once all seats of a single poker table have been occupied by players. Although single table tournament is commonly played in a single poker table, several poker rooms now offer numerous tables to be played for their sit and go tournament.

Different types of poker tournaments have varied betting format. Structured betting format involves restrictions on the amount allowed for betting and raising. With semi-structured betting format, the players are allowed to raise within a specified amount range allowed.

Examples of semi-structured betting format are the pot limit poker where players are allowed to raise as long as the amount raised is not more than size of the current pot and the spread limit poker where the game follows a structured format with a minimum and maximum amount of bets and raises that are allowed from the players.

No limit poker tournaments have an unstructured betting format where the players are free to bet and raise any amount. A player can also bet their entire chips on the process called all in.

With the numerous types of poker tournaments available with varying betting formats, it is best for a poker player to know the type of poker tournament they will be joining in order to know which is best suitable for them to play.