Martingale Betting System

Not every game is like blackjack or poker, in that you can actually change the odds in your favor. Games like roulette largely ignore your decisions when it comes to figuring out who wins. In fact, the only true thing a gambler can change is the amount of money they can win or lose whenever lady luck smiles or frowns on them. This is why betting systems where designed and created - if you're going to bet arbitrary, use a betting system, as it mathematically attempts to control the amount of money you win, largely by maximizing it.

The most famous and used of these systems is the martingale system. The heart of the martingale is to force the bet when you lose by doubling your initial bet on the round you lost. This makes sure that if you win in the next round, you make up for the previous loss by making more than it. It, on the surface, maximizes the use of your time.

The danger of the martingale is inherent and obvious - should you actually fall into one of those ever present losing streaks, this just doubles your loss potential every turn. That gets more dangerous when you realize that each and every game has an advantage in the favor of the house. No matter how small that advantage is, in can punish a player over time. No matter how many tricks you pull out, over time, the casino will win over you. Whatever happens, no matter how you stick to as useful a system as the martingale, you'll still lose after a while.

Gambling tips and websites suggest that a player should know this and thus, know when to quit. You're going to lose and sometimes, you're going to lose over and over and over again and with something like the martingale system, that just means you're going home a lot earlier than you planned. Despite the obvious potential comeback that a single round could give you, chances are likely that you'll lose everything before you get that lucky win.

It cannot be stressed that while the martingale system could potentially create a series of amazing wins that it can also drop you down a deep hole from which your bankroll may never recover. As always, use this betting system with a grain of salt as nothing can truly give you the upper hand in casino games that require no skill.