Blackjack Chips: Betting To Exchanging

When playing blackjack you will need to know how much to bet on each turn. To help with this decision you need knowledge in card counting. When you have mastered that then follow this betting suggestion: start with a base blackjack bet and when you win and the card count is positive double your base bet. For every win and a positive card count, increase your base bet by one. When the card count is zero or negative stick with the single base bet. For example, your stack has white blackjack chips as the lowest valued chip then place one chip for the initial bet. Continue handing out one chip as blackjack betting until you win. When you win, add one more to your base chip and so that is two white blackjack chips now. Blackjack tip: you only add more chips to your blackjack base bet if you win and it is a positive card count.

If you have been losing a hundred times or half of that, move to another blackjack table to check on your performance and your winning and losing streak. That way you can check if you need practice on the basic strategy of blackjack or the deal of cards was not meant for you at the other table.

With that knowledge in mind you can now confidently start betting at the blackjack table; make sure you place it on the circle found on the tabletop. Remember to stack the bigger valued chips at the bottom and the smaller valued blackjack chips on top. If ever you are unsure of how many chips are needed for doubling and splitting, the dealer can help you. When the hand is over that is when the dealer hands each player's winnings and removes the chips from the losing blackjack players.

Only when the hand is over and you have gotten your winnings can a blackjack player place a new bet on the circle. If you decided to include the winnings in your next bet, there is no need to shove your chips into your stack of other chips.

How about when you do not want to play blackjack anymore and you still have a number of chips at hand? Playing blackjack at the casino affords you an option to exchange the blackjack chips at the cashier for cash. At the end of each hand you can gather up all your chips and head to another blackjack table to play or head over to the cashier for an exchange to cash and leave the casino.

When at the blackjack table you have several small denomination chips that the dealer may offer you to change the chips; or to color up they say to another chips. When your chips are colored up, like if you have four $25 chips, they may change it to a $100 chip, a black chip.

To color up, wait until the hand ends before asking the dealer to change your blackjack chips. And when you push it to the dealer for an exchange, make sure it stays away from the betting boxes. If you push it way near the blackjack betting boxes, it might be mistaken for a bet. When the dealer reads that you want to color up, it will be up to the dealer's discretion on what to give you back as long as it is the smallest stack possible for your convenience. Again, card counting comes handy when you start betting in blackjack for it helps on how much you should place on the betting circle. On other betting stuff you are unsure off such as color up or exchange just ask the dealer for help.