Blackjack Betting Strategy Using Win-Loss Streaks

According to one theory, Blackjack trends - those winning and losing streaks - can be predicted and used to one's advantage. Using a tracking system to tell what trend you are in, you can then adjust your betting for maximum profit in the long run. We do not heartily endorse this Blackjack betting strategy as we believe no gambling system is completely reliable. But we invite you to try this at least with computer games first, so you lose nothing. Please do not experiment in a real casino unless you are sure of what you're doing and you have money to burn.


Following this theory, Blackjack begins with early gains. You will not win all the time but you whatever losses you incur will be covered quickly. You'll make profit rapidly. Then the big "fall" comes. You go on a wild losing streak and end up losing a lot, or most (hopefully not all) of your money. Then the tide turns again and you can start making steady gains, partly due to the trend, and partly due to a correct betting strategy.


Note: With losing and winning streaks and betting, keep the odds in mind. Use common sense. If you made a Blackjack once, don't bet on it happening again in the next hand. Also, if you were on a losing streak with a minimum bet for a while, it often pays to suddenly increase your wager. Why? Because you can't lose forever and the more losses you make in a row, the more likely you'll win very soon.)

First, keep a record of your wins/losses and mark them off.

STAGE 1. According to experts, you should play Blackjack boldly and when you make profits, multiply your bets by 2 units. Some say when you lose, you must adjust your betting with a ratio of 1, 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 24, 48, etc. It may not be wise to increase your bets so much but you won't be in a long losing streak early in Blackjack.

Split when you can and double on 11. Sometimes you can also double on 14-16.

STAGE 2. Now if your play through allows it, you can quit and cash it just when you've made enough money to make you happy. If not, then eventually you will experience the downward trend sooner or later. Your money will be gone before you know it.

Look at your record. When you realize you're in a losing streak, bet only the minimum wager. Play cautiously. Don't split often if at all. Be patient.

STAGE 3. You can't lose forever. When the tide turns again, compute your losses. Subtract your minimum pot (in Stage 2) from your maximum (in Stage 1) to find out how much you lost. Divide that by 3. Add that 1/3 to the minimum pot figure.

That's your target. When you've regained 1/3 of your losses in Stage 3, it means the tide has turned and you can once again play with confidence.

Experts say if you follow the 1, 1, 2, etc. Blackjack betting system earlier, you will be making steady gains. It's up to you when to cash in. We suggest that you play on the safe side and cash in your initial deposit plus 25% so no matter what happens, you win. With every big win, you again cash in some of it. Of course with a computer game you can just quit. :)